Lolita fashion: Sexy?

Lolita fashion is a well known style popular among Japanese youth. The look is characterized by long curls, bell shaped knee length dresses, lace, frills, stockings, parasols, and shoes which occasionally look like cakes.


Lolita fashion is, to the girls and boys who wear it, a way of escaping the mundane world and living in a fairy tale.
Many girls assert that the whitewashed sexuality provided by lolita makes them feel liberated from society’s standards for what is beautiful. Sweet and innocent dress and makeup, candy curls, and whimsical prints are a far cry from the ideal of ‘sexy woman’.

However, the name ‘lolita’ isn’t entirely as coincidental as most adherents would think.

Lolita, by Nabikov, is a story in which a middle-aged man falls for and becomes involved in a relationship with a girl on the edge of puberty. The blend of childish innocence with the hints of an awakening precocious sexuality draw the main character in until he is unable to resist her charms. For many, the lolita fashion, along with the schoolgirl look, holds a similar appeal.

That said, lolita isn’t intended to be sexy, and in fact that lack of sex appeal is what creates that sexuality.


Extreme Japanese hair styles

Hair in Japan is big business, and a great deal of money goes into promoting hair care products.
I never saw anything quite like this in person, but apparently it was effective marketing.