Minori is what many would call the face of Shironuri. She is by far the most well known proponent of the Shironuri fashion, and she could easily be considered one of the most extravagant. My first impressions of Minori’s take on Shironuri was that of a sweet nature spirit and cute dolls. Upon doing further research I found that she really does whatever she wants with the fashion and she does not limit herself to the cute.  On her official website :  http://minori.co/index.html     , I saw not only the cute, but also the gothic and disturbing. I also noticed that she does like the aesthetic of the asymmetrical, ann she likes to incorporate it into a lot of her work. She also likes to add embellishments onto the face, and she likes to have intricate designs painted into the white makeup, take a closer looks on some of her pictures on her website to know what I’m talking about. She is truly an artist, and very talented with her medium.


One thing that really that struck me about Minori is that she is not doing this for everyone else, or for the attention it brings her (although that might be a bonus), but because she feels that it is who she really is. While reading many quotes from her, I noticed that the main thing she talks about in nearly every one is how important it is to just be yourself. Image

“I hope more people can find the courage to be and dress like whoever they are, and don’t hide it away. Everyone should be able to be like that, themselves. And it’s our responsibility to make sure that everyone can do that without being teased or feel bad about it. All of us should stop caring so much about how other people dress and choose to appear, because their life doesn’t affect ours anyway, right? Be happy for them instead, because they are doing what you maybe not have the courage to do; be yourself. ♥”


 Below is a link to a youtube video that features an Interview with Minori as well as shows a large variety of Minori’s designs.

During this presentation I chose only a few of her looks that I felt were really amazing, but there are many more amazing looks and pictures to be found on her official website (above) and on these links below. 

~ Stacey S.








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