Shironuri Fasion


Shironuri is one of the latest fashions to show itself around the streets of Harajuku.It has been around since about 2005, but it did not really take off until the fall of 2010 and the spring of 2011. 2011 featured the first “White Face Monster Party”; a large Shironuri themed parade/party on the streets of Harajuku. And even in Harajuku, it’s a head-turning style.

This youtube video is of the large White Face Monster Party in Spring of 2011.

It’s inspiration comes from the makeup of Kabuki actors; with the white face and colors around the eyes.  But, In all reality, that is where the inspiration ends. The Shironuri fashion trend is a grand free-for-all. Any style, any theme, any combination is considered Shironuri as long as a painted white face is present. Image

Shironuri Fashionistas can be cute, adorable, scary, sweet, disturbing, or anything in between. Influence comes from all over the place, from Japanese Ghosts, Western Demons, Cute Dolls, Nature, or anything that comes to the imagination. It is a fashion that has no limits, and anything goes. Image

Some big players in the Shironuri fashion scene are Minori (In the Pink above): she is a well-known Shironuri fashionista, she makes her own outfits, with her own style which is usually inspired by nature spirits and porcelain dolls. She likes to have lots of embellishments on the face. She is really something else. I will be doing another post on her alone. Japanese-Shironuri-Fashion-Harajuku-003-600x900

Another “is No 96 (a makeup artist from Osaka who creates & wears movie-quality makeup and masks)” They are usually very intricate, and require a lot of special equipment. The Demon style above is a depiction of her.

All in all it’s a very visual, and entertaining style, which I don’t think is going anywhere anytime soon.

~Stacey S.



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