Fashion Advisory? Or Amazing Marketing Ploy?


This “fashion trend” has to be one of the most amazing marketing ploys I’ve ever seen. Recent articles in MSN and Buzzfeed are declaring that “Wearing Women’s Panties On Your Face Is All The Rage in Japan”.



This faux fashion trend is actually a product of marketing for the new movie Hentai Kamen,but people around the world are believing this to be an actual fashion trend of Japan. This newly discovered ‘trend’ is being re-blogged over and over, despite the fact it is a tongue-in-cheek ploy for movie marketing. Beware of the trends you find online, because apparently it’s difficult for people to determine fashion from marketing. As diverse and innovative as Japan may be, this is not something they’ll be embracing any time soon. 

Check out the root of this strange rumor below:

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