Lolita Fashion Hits Mexico!


To be honest my understanding of Lolita fashion was regretfully limited.So after our class discussion on Lolita vs Cosplay, I decided to check out what the internet had to say and found some articles I found vastly more interesting. Lolita, specifically Gothic Lolita apparently, has hit Mexico. They have certainly embraced the look with both arms, and several Lolita clubs have formed. This has even caught the eye of La Carmina, a rather famous fashion blogger, who remarked, “”The intention of Lolita fashion is for women to wear what makes them feel beautiful and dress for their own happiness, not for the approval of the opposite sex.”…”There’s a whole feeling of fantasy when you’re wearing these clothes. It’s that feeling of beauty that these girls are after.” According to La Carmina, the popularity of Gothic Lolita style in Mexico is partly due to the proliferation of anime, manga and translated Japanese cartoons which have attracted followers around the globe.

Members of the Lolitas Paradise club in Monterrey, Mexico




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