The “Donut Head”: Not as common as you might think.

I saw an episode of “Taboo” about a year ago and in the episode they showed extreme cultural concepts of beauty. They showcased the “Bagel Head” style of Japan as the next big fashion statement.


But upon further research I found out that the style is very obscure, and not very many Japanese people know about it.

It takes two hours to fill the forehead with a saline solution and the effect lasts less than a day. Even the Japanese are too practical for so much work for such a temporary effect. So in reality, while the world thinks Japan does this often, it really happens almost never. So I guess this post is for clearing up a misconception about this extreme fashion statement.

~ Stacey S.


Ganguro Styles

The Ganguro style is a visual-intensive style that is meant to question the social standards of beauty. It is categorized by dark tanning with which highlights on the nose and around the eyes.  Wikipedia says: “The term ganguro is a portmanteau of the Japanese word gangan-kuro (ガンガン黒), meaning extremely dark, and guro (グロ), meaning grotesque, and the word ganguro can also be translated as ‘blackface’.” This challenges the thought that pale skin is beautiful.

Ganguro Girl x2

The Yamanba and Manba styles are even more specific substyles coming from the Ganguro style. They include bright colors with lipstick and hair,and clothes, in addition to stickers, glitter, and lots of accessories.


Yamanba comes from the Japanese word “yama-uba” which is the name of a mountain witch in Japanese folklore.

~ Stacey S.

Fight Fashion Fund

 “Fight Fashion Fund” designer, sponsored by PARCO, has been chosen for 2013.


Jun Okamoto, the owner and designer for “Wallflower bu jun okamoto” in Kumamoto and another store in Shibuya. This fund is used to support first time fashion designers get their own business going, or in Jun’s case, to keep it going.  About 30,000 yen is given to the winner in an effort to help them launch their dreams. Jun’s designs are said to be “poetic and ennui”, and both the men’s and woman’s line is done in “innocent, soft color with feminine details”. Jun will be participating in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO for the first time.

“Fashion Week” is held twice a year in cities around the world (Paris, Milan, London, New York, and Tokyo) and is used to unveil the years latest fashion collections. Tokyo’s fashion week will be centered at Shibuya Hikarie and Mercedes-Benze Connection in Roppongi.


Check out more the Jun’s fashions here:

Fashion Advisory? Or Amazing Marketing Ploy?


This “fashion trend” has to be one of the most amazing marketing ploys I’ve ever seen. Recent articles in MSN and Buzzfeed are declaring that “Wearing Women’s Panties On Your Face Is All The Rage in Japan”.



This faux fashion trend is actually a product of marketing for the new movie Hentai Kamen,but people around the world are believing this to be an actual fashion trend of Japan. This newly discovered ‘trend’ is being re-blogged over and over, despite the fact it is a tongue-in-cheek ploy for movie marketing. Beware of the trends you find online, because apparently it’s difficult for people to determine fashion from marketing. As diverse and innovative as Japan may be, this is not something they’ll be embracing any time soon. 

Check out the root of this strange rumor below:

10 Unusual Japanese Fashions

Here’s an article I found with 10 distinctive unusual fashion trends in Japan.


I thought that the most interesting trends were ganguro and manba. The origin of manba is interesting because it comes from fokelore referencing an ugly witch named Yamanba. I also think it is interesting how lighter skinned people want to have darker skin and darker skinned people want to have lighter skin. Just from my own personal experiences, it usually has been this way when talking with friends, hearing comments from other people, and even on television. I am unsure of most people that do the manba trend think it’s actually beautiful or if they do it for the shock value and attention. From my perspective, I think they do it out of fun and just to do something that is out there.

–Sky Thai